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Picking up the phone

We prefer to take a natural approach rather than use scripts. Each member of the team has a full understanding of the client’s business before picking up the phone because we invest time up front, working with each client to develop a proposition guide. We want everyone we call to feel that we are having an authentic, organic conversation. Our network of telemarketers work from a home office, working flexible hours to accommodate the varying needs of clients in various time zones.

Direct marketing

Once a client has identified a shortlist of potential customers to engage with, we often suggest that a mailing precedes our calls.

In the same way that a product or service benefits from a unique selling point to differentiate it from its competitors, direct mail (DM) helps our calls stand out from the myriad of other calls that people receive every day.

We devise campaigns that will resonate with each client’s audience. We have two decades of experience in generating clever, light-hearted DM that engages the recipient and dramatically increases our chances of speaking with the budget holder.

Why email

Before we speak to the prospect, we engage with ‘gatekeepers’; the diligent receptionists, PAs and administrators who have been briefed to stop telemarketing calls from interrupting the decision maker’s day. The gatekeepers always ask us to put something in writing. This request often comes from prospects themselves, who want to establish our credibility before fully engaging.

We ask our clients to provide company email addresses that we can use along with a top line summary of the service or product offer, which we can email across immediately after the phone call, accompanied by a carefully crafted personal email. We follow up with another call a day or two later.

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