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The Call Business

Igniting conversation

We are The Call Business

  • We are a business 2 business telemarketing and business development agency
  • We are real people having real conversations
  • We learn your business
  • We are not a call centre
  • We don’t use scripts
  • We speak over a dozen languages between us
We help our clients build relationships with new customers and to develop stronger relationships with their existing customers.

We support clients by..

  • making appointments
  • following up or qualifying leads
  • calling existing customers to generate new business
  • conducting customer service surveys
  • filling your event with prospects and clients
  • mystery shopping to assess how your team handle phone calls and inquiries
  • training your team to build better client relationships on the telephone
We’ve helped clients in many sectors including manufacturing and industry, financial services, technology and the creative industries.


How we do it

We don’t work with scripts, so we need to really understand what your business is about, and exactly what you want to achieve. That means we need a bit of your time and plenty of reading material before we get started. But it’s worth that investment because your customers will know they are speaking to a real person with a real personality who really understands your business.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to give us your data on a USB, in a ringbinder, or if you just have a stack of business cards – we are flexible. If your data is a bit rubbish, we can sort it out for you through research and a little bit of creative thinking.

Where we do it

It doesn’t matter whether you want to talk to people in the UK, the USA or anywhere in the world. Across the team, we speak most key languages and have run campaigns on five continents. We can also work flexible hours to suit different time zones.

How much it costs

We charge by the day and our fee includes our phone costs so you know exactly where you are and there are no hidden extras.

Contact Us

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